As a passionate enthusiast of noise cancelling headphones, I can honestly say that I have never felt the need to change the headband to suit my unique style. But that was before Monster released the Inspiration headphones!

Created by the company behind the hardware of the iconic Beats by Dre brand of headphones, there’s little question that the Inspiration noise cancellers from Monster will sound pretty good. But what sets them apart is the replaceable head strap, which comes in eight different designs to match both the black and white versions of the headphones. Undoubtedly there will be even more designs released in the future as well.

With the ability to playback music even after the batteries have run dry in noise-cancelling mode, and an in-line remote to control your music without having to pull out your phone, the Inspiration headphones look pretty good. They’d want to for $399, though.

And I’m still not convinced I’d ever actually bother switching the headband, although given Damo always tells me I’m not that fashionable, maybe that’s an explanation in itself.

Price: $399 (straps are $40 a pop)
Web: Convoy