We thought the current TV landscape was looking pretty sweet. But that was before Sony took to the IFA trade show in Berlin this week to unveil this ultra-sexy new panel.

At 84 inches, not only is this television monstrously large, but it’s also going to be the first television to show 4K resolutions. That’s essentially four times the detail of your current 1080p panel. While getting 4K content may be a challenge, it sort of counters this with on-board upscaling of your current SD and HD content.

All those extra pixels mean you can get closer to the TV before things start to break up, which means you get a much more cinema-like experience. Sony has also packed some speakers in here to make the sound suck less than most TVs, but we’d still recommend getting yourself a surround sound system for proper audio.

There’s no price set yet, but Sony promises that it will be available to buy by the end of the year. You can almost taste the premium price tag though given the screen size and extra resolution.

Price: TBC
Web: Sony