If there is one area of your abode you are likely to have control over, it’s the bin. Statistics* prove (*statistics may not exist) that men are largely tasked with taking out the trash. So if you’re going to be lumped with that job, why not do it with a bit of style.

We could have gone around to Bunnings, Freedom, Ikea, weird op shops in Surry Hills and all those other cool places to find the best garbage bins for 2012. But two things prevented us from doing that. Firstly, we like to pretend that we here at EFTM have a life, and secondly, we’re all far to busy playing on Facebook at work to actually go out and look for some really cool trash cans.

Luckily, the peeps over at Apartment Therapy have done it for us and come up with the ultimate list of the coolest trash cans seen this year. Throw away that stained white flip lid thing you have next to the sink and replace it with one of these beauties.

Our pick of the bunch has to be the Ex-Cell Kaiser Square Trash Bin from Stacks and Stacks as it has a unique square shape and actually looks like something you almost want to admire. There are plenty of other shapes and sizes so you’re not limited. If you really want to splash out, go for the Rubbermaid Commercial 25 Gallon Rectangular Trash Can priced at a handy US$353. Now that’s some stylish crap.

A word of warning, as this is a US site some of these products won’t be available in Australia. Why not drop us a line with a picture of your coolest trash can… actually, please don’t.

Nice one Apartment Therapy. Now how about the best toilet roll holders?

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