We like the iPod touch and nano. Or at least we did. That super slim black or white iPhone style device and the tiny square with the touch screen that was available in some very cool colours, like dark grey. But now… Apple, what the hell have you done? You screwed and now you’ve skewed.

The new iPod touch looks great, let’s be honest. But our grievance with the product comes in when you look at the colours. Sure, there is a light silver and a darkish grey, but there is no black and no white. And the colours that are available are not exactly sharp. Pink? Lime green? Baby blue? Are you serious Apple? What about the red? How about some orange? And what the hell did navy ever do to you? From what we can tell the iPod touch must be selling really well among women, as Apple seems to have chosen a colour palette to suit females.

When it comes to the new iPod nano, the deal is not much better. Actually, aside from a pale green, the deal is exactly the bloody same. And only the dark grey colour comes with a black bezel rather than a white one. We’re far from design geniuses but we’re not quite sure we like where this is going.

We’re not going to play up to the stereotypes that real men only like dark blue, red and black. Nonsense. We like variety. And if a guy likes pink, so be it. What we are sad about is the fact that for guys who do like those traditionally blokey colours rather than these new ages choices from the rainbow, they simply are not being catered for.

Rant had…

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