Many years have passed since Vodafone’s darkest days, when the term Vodafail was a strong reflection of a network in desperate need of attention. Fast forward to 2017 and even Vodafone executives might be shocked to see the results of Roy Morgan’s latest survey of over 23,000 Aussies.

The expected Telstra dominance nationally continues, with 43.6% of the mobile market. Optus comes in second with 24.1.

With such a huge database of respondents, Roy Morgan was able to break all the data down into smaller regional areas and the Five major city capital average showed a Telstra lead with 33.6% – which in it of itself shows the dominance of Telstra in remote and rural Australia outside those cap cities.

In Sydney though – the shock result was Vodafone’s 30.4%, ahead of Telstra on 27.9%. Optus close behind on 26.5%.

Sydney is a big market, both in population and dollar value for the Telcos.

If Vodafone could replicate this in the other four centres there would be drama at Telstra. Fortunately for the big T – no risk of that just now. Telstra have a solid lead in all four other capitals.

Makes you wonder though – and you can imagine Vodafone looking to set their eyes on those other cities.