Denon’s new Cocoon iOS docks will wrap you in sound

It seems a little odd that an audio brand like Denon has taken so long to launch an iPod dock. But now it has a new range, and they’re beautiful.

With touch sensitive control buttons running across the top, the Cocoon home dock is a $699 set of speakers that features a pop-out iOS dock, as well as integrated wireless for not just AirPlay streaming, but also DLNA and internet radio services. A USB port and auxiliary audio input make charging and listening to non-Apple devices a possibility as well.

If you like to take your music on the go, the Cocoon portable is a smaller version of the home speaker, with the same pop-out dock and wireless capabilities, but the addition of a handle and battery power make it a convenient option.

Each speakers curved shape is designed not just for looks, but also for the benefit of being able to include larger speakers for better sound quality. A free dedicated app also helps manage the device remotely.

Price: $649 (portable); $699 (home)
Web: Denon

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