Kudos to you McDonalds. You pop up in locations all around the world but you don’t force American cuisine on anyone. You merely adapt your fast food menu to the tastes of the local culture. You even rebrand your restaurant in Australia to Macca’s. Great idea in theory, but sometimes it just doesn’t quite work out.

We’ve scoured the globe to find the most unique offerings from the famous fast food outlet that even the hardest men could find difficult to try. Some are just funny, others are almost painfully obvious, and a few we don’t actually know what they are. It’s McTime!

McShogun Burger with egg (Hong Kong)

We don’t quite know what Shogun is but we bet it’s far more delicious with egg. And you can get it with seaweed flavoured Shake Shake fries for a limited time. Better head to HK now!

Maharaja MaC (India)

If you were freaked out by the capitalised ‘C’ in ‘MaC’, wait until you see the actual burger. America, shame on you, India has well and truly smashed your Big Mac with this. Two chicken patties that will “fulfil your burger dreams’.

Samurai Burger (Thailand)

Wait… what… no Mc? This burger is so good it apparently doesn’t need it. Forget the beef, this burger packs a porky punch with with some special sauce to boot.

McBrew tea (Hong Kong)

You can also get regular tea from McDonalds in Hong Kong, so we are mildly curious as to what the difference is between regular and the McBrew version…

Potato Wedges (England)

Bloody Poms. Not content with the French Fries (what, too French?), they have decided to go with a little bit of wedge action. Just can’t leave well enough alone.

McBurrito a la Mexicana (Mexico)

Anywhere else and it would probably seem slightly racist, but the home of awesome burritos also happens to be the home of fast food burritos as well. Would you risk it?

McAloo Tikki (India)

Potatoes in a burger rather than a hash brown? You betcha. And a good serving of peas, tomato, onions and a special vegetable sauce as well. Curry sauce? Sadly not.

Unknown (Japan)

We have no idea what this is or what it contains, only that it had Australia written on the advert. We’re guessing that it’s bacon and grilled onions and some sort of yellow mayonnaise sauce… but then again, it’s Japan. This could be anything.

Egg and Cheese McMuffin (India)

Nothing too unusual about this but it has to be the epitome of menu laziness. Some egg, some cheese, a muffin and… oh, wait, that’s it. Nothing more to see here.

McHotdog Classic (Japan)

There is only one country that loves baseball as much as the Yanks and that’s Japan. So no surprises that McDonalds in the land of the rising sun has a hotdog. Looks pretty tasty too!