Ever wanted to fly in business class but couldn’t afford to? Now may be your chance with Virgin Australia and Qantas both releasing business class special offers for domestic flights.

While it may only be domestic, you still get a pretty good experience. Both options will allow you access into the business class lounge if the airport you are flying out of has one. You also get champagne (or juice or water) as soon as you’re on board, a whole heap of legroom and premium meals plus more luggage space and more frequent flyer points. The business class seats are not as large as international seats (for most of the flights) but still give you more space and comfort than you will ever get in economy.

But what will this pleasure cost you? At the moment if you book a Qantas business class flight from Sydney you could be paying as little as $399 one way (to the Gold Coast). There are plenty of other sale fares for business as well. $399 is a lot more than the usual less than $100 fares to the Goldy but this is business class after all. The Qantas sale ends November 25.

If you choose to fly Virgin Australia you will be able to fly for as little $279 one way (Canberra, but the Gold Coast is just $289). The service levels are quite similar but most of the Virgin Australia planes have been recently refreshed or, as in the case of the Sydney/Melbourne to Perth A330s, are almost brand new. Virgin Australia lounges though don’t number as many as Qantas, but that’s not an issue if you are flying between major ports.

Get in quick for both though because the sale fares won’t last long.