The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Major news events like the recent storm across the east coast of the USA have us parked in front of our TVs, watching the rolling news coverage. We’ve seen it here in Australia too with the Brisbane floods, North Queensland cyclones and Victorian bushfires. It’s hard to watch, and hard not to watch all at the same time. This video shows you just what it takes to get those pictures out to the world.

While the devastation is numbing, there is a job that needs to be done in reporting the events. The first part is to keep people informed and spread the emergency messages from authorities. Then comes the storm coverage itself, followed by the devastation of the aftermath.

This video shot in the three days around Hurricane (or “super storm”) Sandy gives you a true picture of what those news teams endure.

THE FIRST 36 HOURS: An inside look at Hurricane Sandy from Jeff Pinilla on Vimeo.
This documentary was shot, edited, and directed by Jeff Pinilla.

This is the story of what a local news team has to go through to get their story on the air. In this case, the story is Hurricane Sandy, the biggest storm to hit the east coast in recorded history.

Special thanks to Arthur Chi’en, Kenton Young, James Seelinger, and the news team at PIX11.
Special thanks to Tribune Creative Group for allowing me to have the necessary tools to tell this story.