I hate shaving so much I went and grew a beard. Not only the constant scratching of sharp metal against my sensitive skin, but the fact razors cost an absolute fortune. Dollar Shave Club wants to change all that.

Launching in the United States back in March, with the promise of delivering razors to your door for a monthly subscription fee, the Dollar Shave Club this week launched in Australia.

Pricing starts at $4 a month for a twin blade razor 5-pack, $7 a month for a four blade razor 4-pack or $10 a month for The Executive six blade razor 3-pack. Each razor comes with a pivoting head, stainless steel blades and lubrication strips.

The first month also provides you with the necessary razor handle, which fits all the different razor blades, and users can switch between plans seamlessly.

While the razors are undoubtedly cheaper than buying a new pack of the top of the line blades from Schick or Gillette, it’s not the cheapest option out there. That said, there’s a lot to like about the convenience of having home delivered razor blades, even if you hate shaving like me.

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