If you’ve ever travelled for business, you’ll understand the frustrations of travelling with business shirts. Despite your best efforts, even the most meticulously ironed shirt will end up creased like a piece of unfolded origami. Unless you use the Shirt Shuttle, that is…

The Shirt Shuttle is designed around a single principle: If you fold fabric around a curved surface, it cannot crease. With that in mind, the product has been designed to store your pressed shirt around a curved folding board, ensuring that the key pressure points of your shirt won’t end up creased.

Of course, it won’t completely stop all creases, but it will minimise them so you can wear your shirt straight away, without needing to hunt down an iron. The sturdy case also ensures your shirt stays pressed no matter what the luggage handlers do to your suitcase while you travel.

For £30 (plus £20 shipping to Australia), it’s quite the pricey accessory, although regular business travellers would consider the saved time to be worth the price alone.

Price: £30 ($45)
Web: Shirt Shuttle
Via: Uncrate

Shirt Shuttle Demonstration from Commuter Technologies on Vimeo.