Dyson Balloon Game for iOS

To promote its range of Air Multipler “bladeless fans” this summer, Dyson has released a new iOS game to convince you its fans blow.

Dyson Balloon Game for iOS

So how do you gamify Dyson Air Multipliers?  Easy, by creating a multi-level game for smartphones, which requires the player to get a balloon from point A to point B. You get it there by strategically placing Air Multipliers within the level at different angles and air speeds to push the balloon around the screen.

The subliminal element to this is to demonstrate that because the Air Multiplier is a fan without blades, a balloon can slip right through it, thus by positioning them around the level you get to push the balloon to the target location.

It’s a simple idea, and somewhat addictive.

Dyson Balloon Game for iOS – Level scores

Sure, it’s not Angry Birds, but credit to Dyson for the cool idea (pun intended. See, it’s a “cool” idea because it’s a fan… Summer is hot… Ok, I’ll go now.)

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