These social networks, they like to just make subtle changes without any fanfare don’t they? Twitter has an expanded focus here in Australia as it looks to hire a team of staff and setup an office to further its growth. A small part of that showed itself just recently with Sydney being joined by six other cities to show you localised Trending Topics.

For most users the default “Worldwide” option on twitter trends seems to be enough, but to really take advantage of the trending topics you have to know what’s local.

Choosing “Australia” has been an option for a while which really does help narrow down the content you see and make it more relevant, but if you live outside of Sydney there hasn’t been the option to get any closer to yourself to see what the pulse of your city is at any given moment on Twitter.

Check now and you’ll see an extra six cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne and Perth.

Twitter Trends adds extra Aussie Cities

Twitter Trends adds extra Aussie Cities

The Aussie additions come as part of an extra 100 cities worldwide added this month by Twitter

Not a huge deal, but when it comes to finding out what’s happening around you – very useful indeed.