Lqd rangeMen’s grooming brand Lqd has released two new shaving products, Shave and Calm, aimed at turning even the most hardened face into one that is as smooth as the rear end of a toddler.

For those that aren’t using trimmers and rely on the good old blade, this could be some good news for you. Lqd reckons it can just about rid the male groomer of shaving irritation with Shave and Calm.

While many shavers aim to reduce skin irritation by adding more blades that are sharper for a quicker shave that is allegedly smoother, Lqd takes the alternative approach by looking at the creams.

“Many men think it’s their razor leaving them red with ‘razor rash,’ but it’s more often the products that they use,” says Anthony McDonough, creator of Lqd Skincare for Men. “Most men aren’t aware that shaving foams are designed to work by irritating their skin to raise hair follicles to produce a closer shaving experience. However this causes considerable trauma to the skin.”

So Shave adds aloe vera, kills the foam and aims to really calm the skin before the razor blade runs over it. Calm then jumps in afterwards with moisturiser to help smooth the skin with a special ingredient, SymSitive 1609, which apparently no other Australian men’s skincare product contains.

We haven’t tested either of the products but for those that actually still shave with a blade and suffer from skin irritation, it’s certainly worth a shot.

Shave retails for $40 while Calm adds $10 for a retail price of $50. Use it sparingly!

Price: From $40
Web: Lqd