20130204231014-IMG_2666You just gotta hate trying to twist open a stubborn bottle top – unless you have those genuine “man hands” that just open anything with ease. So here’s a nifty and fun solution to that problem, a pesonalised aluminium twist-top bottle opener.

Personalised Twisted Tag for Trevor Long

Personalised Twisted Tag for Trevor Long

Doubling as an ID tag, the TwistedTags are engraved with your very own name, twitter username, Facebook username or similar – so if its on your keys or bag it’s great as a simple ID tag, but when ‘beer o’clock’ comes, you’re in business.

The Twisted Tags team is local, based in Melbourne, and are using the crowd funding platform Indiegogo to raise funds to get their operation off the ground and into a more efficient manufacturing process rather than making them in small batches.

These will be a top gift idea for Fathers day or Christmas this year for sure.

EFTM have jumped behind the Twisted Tag team and ordered five @EFTMOnline Twisted Tags, so – why don’t you do the same? It’s easy, and funding starts at $10, and you’ll get your own tag for anything over $24.

Price: $10 up
Web: Indiegogo