The Covid Pandemic shut down the world, we didn’t travel to the next LGA at some points, let alone around the world. But, that’s all behind us now, and Aussie Airports are ramping up activity as Aussies hit the skies and travel again.

This brings back the most common travel question – what do I do for connectivity when I’m overseas? My single simple answer is “Are you a Vodafone Customer?”

I ask that because I’ve been using Vodafone Roaming for many years, and there’s nothing that compares. Fortunately, the market has gotten far more competitive, with Telstra and Optus offering roaming, even Kogan and Boost have roaming offers.

Boost Mobile probably has the best priced plan on the market, around $3 a day when you work it out, but it has a data limitation that might catch you out if you’re not careful.

This is why we love Vodafone. Stig and I use our mobiles when we’re travelling just like we do at home. The standard data allowance you have on your mobile plan here at home, is the same as you can use overseas – plus making and taking calls in both the country you’re in and back home to Australia.

Just a few months ago Vodafone announced “in-flight” roaming which is a big addition, though we’re yet to see it in use and aren’t sure it’s fully rolled out – could be the key for 2024.

They’ve got others hot on their heels but fresh from the doomsday travel era of covid, Vodafone once again comes in with the EFTM BEST Award for BEST ROAMING 2023.