This smart toothbrush keeps track of your brushing

Beam Smart toothbrush

Beam Smart toothbrush

If you thought high-tech Kids toothbrushes, or intelligent cutlery like the Smart Fork were overkill, look away now. This smart toothbrush brings those two concepts together.

Beam Smart toothbrush app and dock

Beam Smart toothbrush app and dock

Beam Smart toothbrush app

Beam Smart toothbrush app

The Beam Smart toothbrush monitors your brushing digitally and reports your performance back to your smartphone via an app. It displays how long you brush for, what time you were brushing your teeth and claims to also be able to send a report to your dentist before each visit. We’re not quite sure who would voluntarily opt to send that information to their dentist though.

For families, the ability to pair multiple Beam brushes to a single smartphone allows parents to monitor the kids brushing habits. And of course, it will let you know when it’s time to replace the brush head.

Perhaps the next step is to “gamify” the brushing experience for kids like the ibitz fitness tracker gamifies fitness. That should get them brushing.

Price: $59.95
Web: iWorld Australia

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