Wearable health tech has been a huge part of CES over the last few years and it shows absolutely zero signs of slowing down. The latest of humanities health issues up on the chopping block? Airborne allergies.

Anyone that’s suffered from airborne allergies before will attest to how crippling they can be – from sneezing to congestion and itchy eyes, it can get old quickly. And while there’s plenty of medication on the market, there is much more sustainable and friendly solution to this dilemma, one that you can wear.

Is this mannequin scaring anyone else? Just me? Okay.

The Respiray Wear A+ is a wearable that protects you from airborne allergen particles by taking in air from underneath, filtering it and covering your face with the newly clean, breathable air. Studies have shown that the device is capable of filtering out 99.9% of these allergen particles.

It’s useful against all types of airborne allergens including pets, pollen, dust and mold. It will ship with 2 filters that last 200 working hours (which they suggest is approximately 6 months) each and replacement filters will be available for ~$9 AUD.

Clinical trials have deemed that the device is effective as a drug-free treatment for airborne allergies and 90% of users found the device significantly relieved their symptoms.

The Wear A+ has an 8-hour battery life (USB-C charging) and will be available for approximately $115 AUD through Indiegogo in February. More information on the device can be found on the Respiray website.

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