Viking BottleIf you like your beer to be blessed by the Norse Gods themselves and hand crafted from Icelandic glacial water, then it’s time to call upon the power of Odin and get yourself to Dan Murphy’s, as Iceland’s national beer arrives in Australia.

The beer, which is brewed in the traditional European Pilsner method using only the purest water from Iceland’s native glaciers, has even been given a new bottle design exclusive for the Australian market.

The Aussie bottle features the Norse God Odin atop his throne, while the beer inside is a low-carb, full-strength lager that has won awards around the world for its distinctive flavour.

That’s made even more impressive by the fact that beer was illegal in Iceland right up until 1989.

Assaulting the Dan Murphy’s coastline

Viking Beer is getting an initial release in select metro Dan Murphy’s stores in NSW, QLD, ACT, WA and SA. For everyone else, Dan Murphy’s is also selling the brew online.

Six packs will set you back $18.99, while a full case of 24 will sell for $59.99, which places it slightly higher than premium domestic lagers like Arvo and in line with many imported premiums.

But if you happen to be a try before you buy guy, Dan Murphy’s will be having in-store tastings to celebrate the beer’s launch from April 11.

Price: From $18.99
Web: Dan Murphy’s