marvel free comicsYou know that iPad you carry around everywhere? Turns out its an ideal portable comic book reader. And as it turns out, Marvel thinks so too, giving away around 700 free comics through the Comixology service.

The first issue of roughly 700 Marvel series are available to download from the Comixology website. Once downloaded, they can be viewed on pretty much any device, from a computer, to an iPad, to an Android device.

This is a brilliant way to discover new comics, and a great way for Marvel to introduce a whole new range of readers to its rich history of comic books.

The only catch is that the website is being crushed under demand at the moment, and getting on to download the comics is harder than saving the city from The Green Goblin.

But stick with it, because you’ll probably find something amazing to read.

Price: $Free
Web: Comixology