If there’s one issue that you can almost guarantee will get people talking at a dinner party or around the water cooler it’s the subject of mobile phone radiation and the damage it might be doing to you every moment you’re on the phone.  Plenty of companies claim to have a solution – we’ve been testing one such product out.

pong-iphonecase3There are a few interesting things about the Pong mobile phone and tablet range of products.  They claim not only to reduce the impact of radiation on you by redirecting it outward, but also that their cases improve the mobile reception on your device.

Horse s@#t I hear you say.  Well, yeah, the biggest issue with these lofty claims is testing it.  Not even the most professional mobile phone reviewer I know has the ability to test this – so who are we to question the claims?  Well, we’re skeptics, as you should be.  Plenty of shonky products out there.

So lets first look at the case itself without these claims.  The case is light, thin and has a great look with a matt black backing and chrome like outer edge.  It’s a great looking case.  But, it’s around the $60 mark – so is the design itself worth that amount?  Nope.  Not for a moment.

pong-iphonecase2Back to those original claims then – does the Pong redirect radiation?  Wired magazine is a publication with great respect among geeks and nerds of the world.  Originally, they too questioned these claims.  It wasn’t until Wired got access to a mobile phone radiation test lab.  The results were amazing.  In Wired’s own words:

In other words, Pong’s claims seem to be legitimate: Its case reduces the amount of radiation going from the iPhone into your head to a third of what it would be without the case. Contrary to what we initially wrote on the Pong case, it does appear to work.

So when you combine these results with the general look and feel of the Pong case – this is one well worth considering – especially for those worry worts among us.

It’s the one case I’ve left on my phone for more than a week – It suits my phone and feels great in the hand and when in the pocket.

The price tag might not be as comfortable on the hip pocket – if you’re after peace of mind, perhaps $60 isn’t all that bad.

Price: $59.95

Web: Pong Mobile Australia