Rethinking the wallet – DASH Wallet – thin and easy to use

Dash Wallet

Dash Wallet

If you’re like me you’ve probably had a few wallets over the years but the difference between them is nothing more than the brand or the location of the spot you put the photo of your family.  So when someone takes the chance to “reinvent the wheel” or in this case the wallet you’ll find it hard to adjust to but it will change your view of wallets into the future.

So when you decide to re-invent a product so well used and so common – what do you do?  You use fabric.  The DASH Wallet uses an elastic fabric sewn together to create three simple compartments for you to put cards and cash.

it compared to an Empty traditional Wallet

Dash Wallet with 9 cards in it – compared to an Empty traditional Wallet

The primary “card slot” also has an opening on the outside to allow you to thumb push your card out and swipe the card without even fully removing it from your wallet.

Switch the Dash Wallet around and you can put a few other cards in the opposite side, while there is a third “pocket” for you to put some folded up cash notes.

Dash Wallet

Dash Wallet

I’ve got 4 eftpos or credit cards in the main card slot, and another five cards (licence, medicare, etc) in the secondary card pocket.  The thickness of the overall unit is little more than the cards alone.  That’s what makes this so cool.

In your pocket it’s almost hard to realise it’s there.  Many times I had to double-check I even had my wallet on me.

This has revolutionised the way I use my cards and it’s certainly a whole stack more comfortable to have in my back pocket.

After a month of use, the elastic fabric has found its stretch, so I’ve found my cards more easily flicking out of the Dash Wallet, but that’s not all for the best – it also makes them a bit flimsy.  Interestingly, it seems Dash have taken that feedback on board and will have a second version of the Dash Wallet available this year which will be the same in concept, but made from leather.

Dash Wallet with 9 Cards in it compared to an AA Battery

Dash Wallet with 9 Cards in it compared to an AA Battery

Overall, for $22 this is a bargain, and if your wallet is full to overflowing – take the chance to downsize and make your back pocket all the more comfortable.

Web: Dash Wallets
Price: $22 (give or take the exchange rate)

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