Pure Jongo wireless speakers take your music to multiple rooms

In January we told you about audio brand PURE’s move into a wider range of speaker systems which looked to really capitalise on the “connected home”  – well the first in that range has landed in Australia and is on-sale now.

Pure Jongo S3 Range

Pure Jongo S3 Range

Pure has launched in Australia with the Jongo S3 – the S3 is a small cube-like speaker with five speakers inside.  Four of the speakers point outward while the fifth points up.

This speaker array gives a good full-room sound no matter where you place it.

Pure Jongo S3

Pure Jongo S3

Inside is also a rechargeable battery back (which comes as standard, unlike in many Pure digital radio products) which also sets the speaker free of the  home with 10 hours playback in your backyard, the beach or wherever you are.

Following a trend of looks being important, the Jongo range also come in a selection of colours – the colour grills though will set you back an extra $49.

Are you sitting down? $399 is the price tag for your first Jongo S3.  The same price applies to your second or third, I just wanted to soften the blow some how.

Why?  Well, this is where the Jongo starts to get exciting.  You can pair multiple speakers together to push that music around the house.  So a few Jongos in different rooms can pump the music out loud and wide – a great way to go.

Still, the price is high so competition will be tough for Pure, however they offer a good sound, easy setup and good design.  These appear to be the key to success as determined by many speaker makers thus far.





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