There is little doubt the HTC One is among the best if not the best smartphone on the market today and owners of the device might wonder about the lack of accessories available to suit – EFTM has found a bunch that might just surprise.

HTC One Desk Stand (Useful for almost all smartphones)

HTC One Desk Stand (Useful for almost all smartphones)

Online retailer MobileZap have a group of products they are calling the “Ultimate HTC One Accessory Pack” and while the name may be a bit lofty, it’s actually a very useful purchase for HTC One owners.

The full list of included items are :

  • HTC One Desk Stand
  • HTC One Car Holder
  • FlexiShield Skin for HTC One
  • Mini Portable Desk Stand
  • HTC One Car Charger
  • 5 x MFX Screen Protector

MobileZap sent the pack to me, so let me break it down for you.  The items arrive in a plastic bag, you get what you pay for right?

Inside the bag the 5 screen protectors are great, but really, anyone with a smartphone knows these things are a pain to put on, and when you do get them on one dust particle looks like a huge bubble so they are rarely worth the effort.

Suction cup desk stand

Suction cup desk stand

Then there is the suction cap style desk stand.  You know the ones, they suction onto the back of your smartphone and allow you to prop it up on your desk to watch videos.  Again – cool, but really?

The other items, while crude and not overwhelming by way of quality are actually surprisingly quite useful.

You’ve got a car charger with micro-USB which itself would cost about the price of this pack if you buy it at the local servo.

The next three items though I’d happily pay the money to have for my smartphone – especially the HTC One.

A simple car mount which mounts to either your windscreen or dash and is easily twistable and will fit almost any phone.  I’ve used the Dash-mount to put my phone closer to me in the car – as I find windscreen mounts are often just a tad too far away.

Universal car mount for smartphone

Universal car mount for smartphone

Having a Desk stand might seem lame, but it’s very very handy.  This is a simple and crude metal stand which clips into a plate with a rubberised front.  The friction from the rubberised front holds your phone in place so it’s sitting on your desk, beside your keyboard on a great angle to view messages or calls as they come in. I was honestly surprised by how useful this was.

HTC One FlexiShield - the perfect "cover" for your HTC One

HTC One FlexiShield – the perfect “cover” for your HTC One

To round it all out, and frankly the value item of the pack which I’d recommend to every single HTC One owner – a FlexiShield skin for the smartphone itself.  The HTC One is beautiful, so you don’t want to cover it up – with this skin you have a transparent cover which allows the design of the phone to be shown off, while protecting it from bumps and bruises.

All up, I’d recommend HTC One users grab the FlexiShield skin as a minimum, but for the cost of the whole pack and despite the cheap packaging, it’s worth the $30 odd for all the items.

Price: $27.99 ($32.49 with postage)
Web: Mobile Zap