We’ve tested the 4G Vodafone network, and it is mighty impressive.  However it’s only been available to people already on the Vodafone network and with a compatible handset.  Today, if you’re in the market to upgrade to a 4G handset or switch carriers – Vodafone is open for business.

Sydney 4G Fibre Optic LRWelcoming new customers to the network is something Vodafone retail staff have been wanting for and waiting for over many months.  The promise of a world-class 4G network has kept them waiting with bated breath.  Now it’s real

IMG_0008With real-world speeds of 100mbps downloads and 30 or more uploads, the network is fast.  Yep, the more people on it, the more it will reduce – but there is a lot of room to move on the Vodafone network so I don’t anticipate a huge drop off in speed.

Coverage of course depends on your area and you can check that with Vodafone’s website – I was able to get 90mbps speeds out in Sydney’s west at Blacktown so this is by no means an inner-city snob network.

Treat yourself to 4G, you now officially have the choice of three carriers.