It’s no surprise that the EFTM team aren’t exactly fashionista’s, so we do need a bit of help and advice now and then. Ok, all the time.  You’ve noticed it’s cold outside, the jacket is coming out almost daily now so we’ve taken some tips from D’Urban on how and when to wear the different styles.

Frankly, I’ve got a suit jacket and a basic casual jacket which I wear when it’s not an important or formal occasion.  So – what’s a better approach?

Here’s four key types of “look” which are worth catering for in the modern professional man’s wardrobe.

D'Urban Travel Jacket

D’Urban Travel Jacket

Travel jacket – for the frequent flyer or guy who wants to be well-presented without restriction

D'Urban Casual Winter Jacket

D’Urban Casual Winter Jacket

Casual Corporate – for the modern office

D'Urban Suit

D’Urban Suit

Corporate – a step up and a tad more refined, this look is preferred by the CEO (or those who want to be)

D'Urban Black Tie

D’Urban Black Tie

Black Tie – the perfectly tailored suit for all formal needs

Getting your wardrobe sorted takes a bit of an investment, these are not Lowes options here.  D’Urban suits are made in Italy with a cut and finish very similar to a tailored fitted suit.

The D’Urban Travel Jacket will set you back $825, a suit will be around $1,395.

Check the label too, because there is often Aussie wool used in these suits, and for those in the know, you’ll also find the lapels and collars are basted.  What the?  All you need to know is that means a perfect roll every time

D’Urban are available in David Jones and some independent Aussie retailers. Perhaps you can look a little better this winter too?

Web: D’Urban