Kogan Mobile set out in December to shake things up in the Australian Mobile phone market – and they did. The problem is, they shook so hard the company Kogan Mobile purchased its access to the Telstra network from has gone bust, and with it – Kogan Mobile.  Within 30 days Kogan Mobile customers will be kicked off the network and need to find themselves a new home.  EFTM has shopped around to try to find you a few options to suit.

I’ve never had as many emails about a single topic as I’ve had just today from readers and listeners after Kogan Mobile announced it was shutting down following the collapse of ispONE.  A very disappointing turn of events, and given that we basically launched Kogan Mobile last December with the exclusive news, followed by the announcement that night on A Current Affair Nationally – I have a personal desire to help ever Kogan Mobile customer find a new deal.

What Next?

At some point in the next 30 days, Kogan Mobile customers will receive a text message from Telstra, advising them they have been moved to a limited 7 day plan – during that seven days you’ll only be able to make limited calls and limited texts, oh – and your data won’t work.

Then, your service will stop working. You will however still receive calls and be able to make emergency 000 calls.

You have 6 months to get your service moved to a new provider if you want to keep that phone number.

Can I keep my Number?

Yes! If you move (Port) to another carrier within the next six months, you can move your number with you.  Of course most people are using their phones a lot, so you’re best placed to make that move very soon – before you get that text from Telstra.

How long will it take?

Once you choose a carrier, it takes less than a day to port your number over.  Because of the unprecedented churn of customers as a result of the Kogan Mobile shutdown there may be longer than normal delays in processing your change.  So instead of the normal 1-2 hours, I’d suggest you allow a good full day for your number to switch over to the new carrier.

Who should I move to?

The million dollar question.

Here’s what I’d recommend you consider.

  • How much data do you REALLY need?
  • What are you using the data for?
  • How many calls do you make?
  • How many text messages do you send?

When it comes to data, for those offering these SIM’s to their kids, make sure you have the phone connected on the WiFi at home – this can save you enormous amounts when it comes to mobile data.  But, in the end if Dad is what you want then you may need to consider paying more than you have been.  Data is what’s caused the problems we have today.

Here’s what’s on offer:


ALDImobile have taken the ispONE collapse on the chin, saying their “network services not affected”

MEDION Australia and Telstra Wholesale have been able to negotiate a direct supply agreement today, so the network services for ALDImobile customers are not affected.

Customers will be able to purchase ALDImobile sim cards and recharge vouchers as per normal through their local ALDI store or onwww.aldimobile.com.au

Them’s fighting words!  So for Aldi customers no need to worry?  right?  Well, we don’t know the details of the Aldi deal.  So I’d be wary of how long their $35 per month unlimited plan with 5GB data will be available.  It’s more likely their pay-as-you-go plans will be the future of that business.  The mobile industry is moving to push prices up, so I worry this $35 plan is unsustainable for Aldi.

If you’re willing to risk another move down the track – Aldi offers the best deal currently.  $35, Unlimited calls and texts, 5GB data


Rolf and the team at Amaysim have been quietly chipping away at the Aussie mobile industry for almost 3 years.  They’re a solid option and give you the chance at a very similar deal to what Kogan was offering.

“We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of Aussies looking to save on their mobile bills in the past three years. We’re always ready to welcome more people looking to switch and save with open arms, online and through one of our 14,000 retail points of sale nationwide.”

I still have my concerns over the long-term prospects for the low-cost mobile market.  Who knows what Optus will do when they sit down at the table with Amaysim in the next year or so to negotiate their next contract?  Will they still be able to offer this deal?  For now, there is no reason to think this deal won’t last a long time, but we thought that of Aldi and Kogan too.

Right now Amaysim is a strong and solid option for users with their $39.90 Unlimited calls, Unlimited texts and 4GB of data.  Plus, if you sign up online now, they are offering the first month at 50% off.


Probably the pick of the bunch as it stands today.  Boost offer a $40 per month pre-paid deal with Unlimited calls, Unlimited texts and 3GB of data.  Why is it the best option?  It’s operated by Telstra.  Telstra haven’t “wholesaled” the service, it actually operates the service.  Boost is a marketing company which does the work to attract customers to Boost as a brand for Telstra.  So there is no risk it’s going to shut down any time soon.

One of the big detractions for Boost has been its archaic features.  No online sign up, no online recharge, and no nano-sims.

Boost now offer Online activation and re-charge, and in response to another regular gripe about Boost – a spokesperson for Boost told EFTM today “Boost Mobile will be offering Nano SIMS from 1st October this year”. That’s a big win for iPhone 5 users

This one is well worth a look – if the Telstra network is what you’re after – hard to go past Boost.


The only company to come out with a clear offer to snag some of those 100,000 plus Kogan Mobile customers, Optus say:

“We’re offering a service people can trust with clear and simple plans, and assurance about their network, with access to Optus 3G or superfast 4G.”

As a sign of their efforts to get you signed up, they are offering double the data and double the call minutes for the first three recharges of $30 or more for customers who port their number over from Kogan.

Their best deal right now is their Optus Prepaid Social – for $40 you get Unlimited texts, Unlimited social access, Unlimited calls to Optus mobiles, 350 Minutes of calls to other phones, and 1GB of data.  For three months you’ll get double that if you’re a Kogan (or Aldi) Customer.


The big guy doesn’t have much to offer at this low price market, that’s what Boost is for. Ongoing plans start at $60 per month, with $600 included calls, unlimited text and 1GB of data.

One pre-paid offer worth checking is their $50 Encore plan.  $40 recharge, $550 worth of calls, and 600MB of data.  For heavy callers and texters, it also offers free Talk & Text every night from 6pm-6am to standard Australian numbers.

It’s unlikely Telstra will pickup too many customers out of this, but if you’re looking to return to the big guy, those are your best options.


Vodafone do have an interesting offer to consider.  For $30 their pre-paid recharge offers $450 in call and text credit, with 500MB of data.  The thing to consider here is adding one of their Data packs on for $8 you’ll boost the total data on offer to 850MB.

Plus, and here’s the kicker – if you hit your limit during the month, you still get unlimited text messages – that’s going to keep the kids in touch.

Don’t be afraid of the Vodafone network – those woes are in the past, and there’s no reason not to consider them if the price is right.

Virgin Mobile

Operating on the Optus network, Virgin have rationalised their plans lately and there are two in the price range most suited to Kogan/Aldi customers.

Pre-Paid you’d probably look at their $29 cap which has $450 worth of calls/texts and 1GB of data.  Post-Paid (but without a contract) you’d be best placed with the $40 plan which gives 1GB of data and $500 worth of calls/texts.


One size fits all?

All in all, it’s a tough choice, but I think most Kogan customers will choose Boost or Amaysim.  They offer “similar” value to what was on offer with Kogan.  Time will tell.

One tip for parents. When your kids are sending “messages” to friends, if they have an iPhone it’s probably using iMessage (Messages appear BLUE not GREEN) – that uses data.  Switch off iMessage and take advantage of the unlimited texts on offer in almost all plans.

There is no one-size-fits-all offer here.  You should look long and hard at the usage you’ve had over recent months – only you know what you need.