In our house we’re pretty happy to have a Dyson vacuum cleaner, we bought it over 7 years ago, and I’m not sure I’ve ever questioned its performance, it’s been a humble servant through two homes and now three young children – but could we do better?  Dyson certainly thinks so.  EFTM has been using the latest in Dyson vacuum technology and the results are spectacular.

Dyson DC54 Cinectic

Cross section of the Dyson DC54 Cinectic

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James Dyson - DC54 Cinectic

James Dyson – DC54 Cinectic

James Dyson is an innovator, he has a worldwide team of researchers and engineers working on new ideas and making existing ideas better.  Put a team of 29 R&D engineers on the task of building the best vacuum and write a cheque for $11.5 million and you’d hope they’d come up with something pretty special.

The DC54 is just that.  My Dyson has this one large cylinder down the middle of the dust collection bin which creates the cyclone of air which separates the dust from air resulting in a pretty darn good clean.  The DC54 has more cyclones than I can even count.  54 of them in fact.

Dyson DC54 Cyclonic tip

Dyson DC54 Cyclonic tip

What the team did was realise that not only could you create a more efficient flow and dust separation with multiple small cyclones, but over the years they perfected the material from which those cyclones are made – ending up with a flexible tip which oscillates and the spinning airflow makes them wobble the dust doesn’t stick to the tip and thus keeps them clear to be efficient day in and day out – hence Dyson’s claim that the DC54 never loses its suction.

Not to rest on just these mini cyclones, the DC54 has been slammed sideways into steel blocks over 200 times in side impact testing, and engineers have spent the equivalent of over 500 years of vacuuming in the home.

Outside of the cyclones and the testing, the DC54 retains the ball design for easy movement, and has a simple button press release for the dust bin for easy emptying, and the cleaner head has a new patented carbon fibre brush bar which helps remove dust on hard floors

Using the DC54 you can feel the intense suction, I vacuumed a small hall area of our home with our old Dyson vacuum, then ran the DC54 over it – the result was obvious without even opening the vacuum up – I could see through the clear dust bin of the DC54 the large amount of dust it had collected – this was all I needed to prove this thing was a beast that might be the perfect thing we need given my son has a dust allergy!

FOR YOUR CHANCE to Test, Review and keep a DYSON DC54 – Enter the EFTM Dyson Social Review Relay

The DC54 will be available in Australia from September 1 in four models ranging from $799 through to $1099.

  • DC54 Animal Pro (RRP$1099)
  • DC54 Animal (RRP$999)
  • DC54 Allergy (RRP$899)
  • DC54 Multi floor (RRP$799)
James Dyson with the Dyson DC54 Cinectic

James Dyson with the Dyson DC54 Cinectic

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”Dyson DC54 Cinectic” rev_body=”With more cyclonic power within it the DC54 is an intense cleaner that will put any of its competition to rest” author=”Trevor Long” pubdate=”2013-08-27″ user_review=”4.9″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]

FOR YOUR CHANCE to Test, Review and keep a DYSON DC54 – Enter the EFTM Dyson Social Review Relay