There are more mobile phones than people in Australia, and with contracts ending every day and new deals all around there are always hundreds of thousands of people out there who could benefit from a better deal on their mobile phone – so it’s little wonder Costco is getting into the game.

The new Mobile Centre Kiosk in five Costco Stores across Australia are being operated by the AMT Group, the company behind the AllPhones brand in Australia.

Costco members are now able to buy new handsets or mobile SIM plans while they browse for bulk buys on toilet paper, meat, groceries or anything at all.

Vodafone is the major carrier partner for AMT and there is already a hint of some cracking deals in-store.

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The kiosks will be staffed by AMT Group providing advice on handsets and they are gearing up to provide smart home or “internet of things” solutions too.

It’s an interesting concept, not common in Australia, but huge in the USA.  Costco, even Best Buy operate a store within a store concept to get products to consumers with the support and direct sales from specialists.

Why? Well it’s simple – there’s a lot of money being spent every month on mobile plans.  For every dollar you spend with a carrier a small percentage is paid to the original seller of that product, AMT and Costco will benefit from the long-term value that provides.