Apple’s own cases for your new iPhone bringing colour to the iPhone range

Apple’s announcement today of the new iPhone 5c and 5c also came hand in hand with the announcement of Apple built cases for each device.  There’s really one word for it all – Colour!

Apple iPhone 5S in "Gold"

Apple iPhone 5S in “Gold”

With an investment from $700 up to over $1000 you’d want to protect your phone, so Apple have brought protection together with style and launched a series of cases for each device.

iPhone 5C phones in Apple cases

iPhone 5C phones in Apple cases

For the 5c Apple had a challenge – the device itself is coloured in either Blue, White, Pink, Yellow or Green so you’re not going to want to “cover” that up.  Enter the silicone rubber case from Apple.  Priced at $39 here in Australia, these cases can either match or compliment your iPhone 5c colour.  The back has a series of 35 holes which expose the phones colour making mixing and matching possible and trendy.

iPhone 5S Cases

iPhone 5S Cases

If you’ve shelled out the big bucks for the iPhone 5s things are a little more classy.  It’s $48 – and still colourful, but just with the edge taken off the brightness and some micro-fibre added on the inside to keep things safe and sound and comfortable.

This wont completely spoil the 3rd party case market – it will just make all those companies who make money off of us all buying extra things for our iPhone’s work even harder to come up with new looks to get the attention of buyers.


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