EA Sports has been pumping out the FIFA franchise since 1993. It became one the most popular console games of all time and like others has made the conversion to mobile device platforms in recent years.  This week EFTM was given an exclusive walk-through of FIFA 14.

The biggest news is large parts of the game are now a completely free download.

In EA SPORTS Football Club you are able to play with Match Day and connect your gaming experience to the real world. Match Day pulls real-world information from headlines across the world – injuries, suspensions and even team form help enrich and excite the gaming experience.

All new controls in FIFA 14 Mobile

All new controls in FIFA 14 Mobile

Physically controlling the game has also been adjusted.  It’s now possible to create set plays resulting in amazing goals. More intuitive controls allow you to touch the screen for selecting players and then drag them ahead of the play. You can tap to pass and defend, swipe to shoot. Basically you can now direct your entire team to work in unison instead of just one of two players.

All new controls in FIFA 14 Mobile

All new controls in FIFA 14 Mobile

FIFA Ultimate team allows you to assemble the finest players in the world. Rule your club with an iron fist like Sir Alex Ferguson and compete to earn and accumulate coins. The possibilities become endless by purchasing new players and other items potentially creating formidable sides.

Of course you can compete online with friends anytime using Online Multiplayer. There are quick matches and so-called “friendlies”. Of course crushing real life opponents is all that more satisfying.

Outside of the free mode, gamers can delve deeper into FIFA 14 with various upgrades. There are three additional modes, Manager Mode, Tournament Mode and All in Kick off Mode.

34 licensed stadiums, more than 600 teams, commentaries in five languages and improved console-like controls should deliver the world’s most popular sports franchise back into your hands like never before.

FIFA 14 will be available on iPhone, iPad and Ipod touch as well as Android devices in Australia from September 25. The free download weighs in around 1GB to upgrade will set you back $4.99.

[schema type=”review” rev_name=”FIFA 14 Mobile” rev_body=”Making the game free and adding upgrade paths for a fee makes this a new approach, in-game set plays and options enhance this version” author=”Chris Bowen” pubdate=”2013-09-22″ user_review=”4″ min_review=”0″ max_review=”5″ ]