Whether you’re a world class athlete, a high-flying executive or an unemployed bogan, every self-respecting man should have at least one suit lining their wardrobe. But rather than buying a cheap, uncomfortable number from Lowes, why not spend a bit more money and get a tailored suit made from online retailer Vinspi.

Based in Melbourne, Vinspi offers a wide range of customisable suits for the discerning male, with a variety of fabrics and design decisions to choose from. Whether it’s deciding how many buttons, how many pockets, or whether to go with a pinstripe navy or a plain merino black fabric, every decision about your suit’s design can be dictated by the buyer using a simple online interface.

But what makes the Vinspi offering so superior to that of your local Roger David is the custom fit. Using a comprehensive online guide, you take key measurements of your body while ordering the suit, ensuring that the final product is tailored to fit your body perfectly. The end result is a superior quality suit that looks better on you because it was made to fit your body precisely.

Vinspi even goes so far as to guarantee the fit, offering to pay for minor alterations to the suit from a local accredited tailor.

Of course, if choosing colours and designs is a little outside your comfort zone, Vinspi also has a range of pre-designed suits that offer the same level of tailoring to your body size. They also offer the same tailoring to your business shirts, allowing you to create an entire wardrobe of clothes designed to fit your body. You can also check out the company’s blog to get some ideas about what sort of styles might work for you.

Prices start at just $419 for a two piece suit. Sure, that’s a premium on the $99 offerings you can grab from Lowes, but the end result is a much finer fit and a much nicer looking suit, and a fraction of the price you’d get from a local tailor. Business shirts start at $89 a pop, which is surprisingly affordable for a custom fit product.

It looks like an amazing service that can bring style to men of all shapes and sizes at an affordable price. EFTM will be taking a closer look at Vinspi’s offerings in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Price: From $419
Web: Vinspi