We’ve looked at some of the cool stuff WORX have done in the past, and frankly their SD handheld cordless unit has been a huge hit in our household.  But when it comes to the bigger tools like circular saws, they aren’t the kind of thing everyone has in their tool shed.  WORX have a new product to reduce size and make things easier.



The WX427 is a smaller than normal circular saw, cutting to a depth of 45mm with a 120mm blade.  It can cut 30mm at 45 degrees and runs at a no-load speed of 3500rpm.

For those doing basic DIY tasks there’s no need for the bulky types of circular saws you might be used to seeing, so this is a great alternative.

It’s $149 and will be available from December 1.

EFTM reckons it’s a great looking unit, but we wonder if it would be better placed as a cordless unit, and the size alone might not make the price worthwhile.   Leaving that aside, for size and portability it’s a real winner.