Telstra is bringing to the home broadband market what many companies have been doing on the Mobile network side of the business for some time – introducing a low-cost carrier for your home ADSL connection. And the prices aren’t too bad either.

If Telstra are known for having a solid network, they are also known for having higher than average prices.  And the justification for that is easy when you sit back and remember that you’re getting the network – it’s not just about price.  Bigpond offer some solid unmetered content deals and enhancements for customers.

This is all very similar to Telstra mobile.  So when people ask me which mobile phone company to choose, I often end up recommending Boost – they are low-cost, solid plans, and they use the Telstra network.

So with Telstra and Boost getting together to launch a new low-cost home broadband provider things might just be getting interesting at home on the net. It’s called Belong.


Belong ADSL price plans

With two options for monthly rates – $50 for 70GB per month and $65 for 250GB per month and all on a month-to-month no contract basis this is a cracking deal – especially when compared to Telstra Bigpond

Telstra ADSL price plans

Telstra ADSL price plans

Shop around with the Number 2 ISP iiNet and you’ll still find Belong is a great deal.

Expect the same service concept as Boost – strong online support via live chat, and 24/7 phone support too – but not a whole lot more.  You’ll also have to set the thing up at home yourself too – but that’s pretty easy these days when the modem is delivered pre-configured with your account details and is apparently a three step process.

If you go over your monthly data allowance, you’re speed is slowed to 256kbps, and if you stick around with Belong month to month – every six months there is an additional 5GB monthly data added for loyalty (up to 50GB)

This will be an interesting market play for sure.