When Apple first hit the market with the iPhone 4 everyone had to scramble to get themselves a MicroSIM. The iPhone 5 took it a step further with an even smaller NanoSIM. So, with your iPad, iPhone or iPad mini, which SIM size is for you?  EFTM has you covered.

MiniSIM, Micro SIM and NanoSIM

We’ve explained before that cutting your SIM down to fit your new NanoSIM device is certainly possible, even if it is only to be done at your own risk. Perhaps more people will be doing that when the iPad mini launches later in November (the first range of iPad Mini’s will be Wi-Fi only).

The iPad mini is a NanoSIM device. So if you’re moving from the 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation iPad to the iPad mini you will need a new SIM card (or to cut down your existing one).

Apple’s other big shock announcement last week in San Jose was the new iPad 4th Generation. Supporting LTE globally (4G for Australia!) the 4th-gen also had an improved processor and the lightning dock connector. Interestingly, Apple did not update the iPad with a NanoSIM.

So here’s how it works for the full range:

Device SIM
iPhone 3G MiniSIM
iPhone 3GS MiniSIM
iPhone 4 MicroSIM
iPhone 4S MicroSIM
iPhone 5 NanoSIM
iPhone 5s NanoSIM
iPhone 5c NanoSIM
iPhone 6 NanoSIM
iPhone 6 Plus NanoSIM
iPhone 6s NanoSIM
iPhone 6s Plus NanoSIM
iPhone SE NanoSIM
iPhone 7 NanoSIM
iPhone 7 Plus NanoSIM
iPhone 8 NanoSIM
iPhone 8 Plus NanoSIM
iPhone X NanoSIM

iPad 1 MicroSIM
iPad 2 MicroSIM
“New” iPad MicroSIM
iPad 4th Gen MicroSIM
iPad Air NanoSIM
iPad Air 2 NanoSIM
iPad mini NanoSIM
iPad mini with Retina NanoSIM
iPad Pro 12.9inch (Gen 1) NanoSIM
iPad Pro 9.7inch Apple eSIM (+NanoSIM Outside US&UK)
iPad Pro 10.5inch Apple eSIM (+NanoSIM Outside US&UK)
iPad Pro 12.9inch (Gen 2) Apple eSIM (+NanoSIM Outside US&UK)

Apple Watch Series 3 Apple eSIM


Updated (November ’13): iPhone 5s & 5c added to the list, along with iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina

Updated (September ’14): iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus added to the list

Updated (September ’15): iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus added to the list

Updated (March ’16): iPad Pro & iPhone SE Plus added to the list
Updated (September ’17): iPad Pro 10.5 inch & iPhone 8’s and X added to the list