I love baked beans as much as the next person, and frankly I had never thought about where they were grown or what recipe they might be part of.  I’m a baked beans on toast kinda guy.  So when a “fool-proof” recipe came into my inbox – it had my attention.

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is a funny bloke, now retired from his mega-multi-media radio and TV stardom to get back to Stand-Up comedy and spend more time with the family, he’s clearly got a bit too much time on his hands.  SPC has thrown a heap of research Hughesy’s way to justify publishing what he reckons is a simple and easy way to love your baked beans.

In the SPC release Hughesy is quoted as saying “Aussie farmers have been growing baked beans to feed our troops since World War II. How Aussie is that?! The SPC research showed that one in five Aussies sampled get stuck into baked beans every single week of the year. They’re tasty, nutritious and affordable; it’s no wonder Aussies love their baked beans.”

I’m with the 57% surveyed who like to keep things simple and prefer their beans plain on toast, others showed a dose of true blue Aussie ingenuity, with innovative favourites including a baked bean pie with bacon and onion, curried beans, and baked beans served with chicken and mushrooms.

Enter the “Good ol’ metal joy maker” – Hughesy’s description for the old Jaffle maker that is probably buried in the bottom corner of one of your kitchen cupboards.

Combine that Jaffle maker with Aussie grown SPC Baked Beans and we might just have something awesome.

So, after a large payment to Dave Hughes from SPC (EFTM has not been able to confirm that Hughsey actually accepted Tins of SPC Baked Beans as his payment for this association in lieu of cash) here is the recipe (unedited from SPC):

Hughsey and his Baked Beans Jaffle

Hughsey and his Baked Beans Jaffle

Dave Hughes’ fool proof baked bean jaffle recipe

I’m busy and I know you are too. You probably don’t even think you’ve got time to read this recipe, but you do, cos it’s quick. Part of my business is I’ve got three kids who start demanding fun at the crack of dawn. Here’s the way to keep them happy (and healthy) first thing in the morning. It’s my patented SPC baked bean jaffle.

The brilliance of this recipe is that idiots like me can nail it. It’s actually impossible to get it wrong if you follow my simple instructions.

Step 1:  Open the can by pulling the ring pin with the pointer finger of your right hand.
Step 2:  Use bread with a 7.6 mm thickness.
Step 3: Cover every square mm of bread with the only major brand of Aussie grown and canned baked bean on the market.
Step 4: Put other slice of bread on top.
Step 5: Carefully place the masterpiece in progress in jaffle maker.
Step 6: Close jaffle maker and turn on.
Step 7: Wait.
Step 8: While waiting, think about how tasty and easy to prepare the only major brand of Aussie grown baked bean on the market is, then whisper ‘good on you SPC’.
Step 9: When the little light turns green whip open that metal joy maker.
Step 10: Whip it out, bang it on a plate. And enjoy five minutes of peace while the kids savour your genius.