Driving a Lamborghini at 191km/h in Las Vegas

Admit it, you’d love to fang a Lamborghini around a race-track.  The idea of putting your foot flat to the floor and pushing hard through corners in a $400,000 supercar is the ultimate kid-in-a-candy-store dream.

Trevor Long at Exotics Racing with the Lamborghini Gallardo

Trevor Long at Exotics Racing with the Lamborghini Gallardo

At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway there’s a large area which was perhaps once a car-park but has been transformed into a short course race-track for what may be the ultimate track day experiences.

I drove in late one afternoon and was offered the choice of a huge variety of cars, from Porsches to Audi, Ferrari and Lamborghini, there was almost endless choice.

Inside the Lamborghini Gallardo at Exotics Racing Las Vegas

Inside the Lamborghini Gallardo at Exotics Racing Las Vegas

Starting around $199 for five laps in a Porsche and up to around $400 for the top end, my weapon of choice was the Lamborghini Gallardo.  $299 for 5 laps.  Add in an additional $85 for an in-car video with telemetry after the laps which if you don’t think you’ll want it at first you sure will after you’ve given it a crack.

Trevor Long at Exotics Racing

Trevor Long at Exotics Racing

On a corporate style day your group might go through a half hour briefing and training session.  As an individual I was taken out on track in a 4WD by a qualified instructor who showed me around the course and explained the markers out on the track.

Heading into each corner there are orange cones to mark your breaking point, and green cones to mark the outside of the corner and apex of the corner.

When your supercar is ready you’ll get another briefing with your driver before heading out on track.

In my Gallardo I’m told a time of 57 seconds is good, so I was pretty happy to slip under that for my best lap.

The acceleration of a vehicle like this is something that has to be experienced, as is the cornering and braking experience.  For most this is as close as you’ll ever come to driving like this at these speeds, let alone in these vehicles – so if you’re ever near Exotics Racing in Las Vegas we highly recommend you check it out!

Here’s my video of the experience:

Web: Exotics Racing

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