We were always going to see a stack of health and fitness products and a stack of wearable products here at CES in Las Vegas, that has officially kicked off with a product from the Home entertainment and appliance brand LG revealing their “Lifeband Touch” product.

In simple terms this is a wearable wrist band with an OLED display which will show you time, your biometric data as well as incoming call details and the ability to control your smartphone music controls when paired with your LG smartphone.

The Lifeband has a 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter will allow the device to measure distance, speed, steps, calories and pace.

Touch in the name indicates the method of interaction. You swipe the display to access all your data points on the go – as LG said at the launch “all available without having to sync with your mobile phone” which was a quick and easy stab at fitness trackers like the Jawbone Up and Fitbit. Unfortunately for LG that comparison gets difficult with many first generation plug in trackers moving to wireless syncing also.

For that added bit of cool, the sensors are such that the device knows when you twist your wrist to look at the device – so the display turns on, no need to touch it to activate.  With the Bluetooth connectivity you can send data from the device to your smartphone as well as pair with third party devices such as heart-rate monitors.

As with many announcements here at CES, there are no details of Australian release date or pricing.