The Tesla Cybertruck – the electric-powered, stainless-steel bodied, triangular-shaped pick-up – has arrived in Australia and is on display at Tesla’s Sydney showroom ahead of a national tour.

A left-hand-drive vehicle was sent to Australia in a shipping container, so the vehicle could remain under wraps until the electric vehicle specialist was ready to lift the lid.

News of the Tesla Cybertruck’s arrival broke on morning radio earlier today and was quickly spotted touring iconic Sydney locations – including Bondi Beach – throughout the rest of the day.

Photos uploaded to social media show the vehicle was wearing Queensland trade plates so it could be driven on local roads with a special permit.

By the time EFTM caught up with the Tesla Cybertruck, it was tucked in for the night at the Tesla showroom in Alexandria (near Sydney Airport) parked alongside two Tesla Model 3 sedans and one Tesla Model Y.

Despite the promotional tour, Tesla is believed to be no closer to introducing the Cybertruck in Australia as it is planned for left-hand-drive only for now.

Tesla Australia’s website did originally accept Cybertruck orders when the vehicle was unveiled four years ago, but the order portal was shut down locally about two years ago once it became apparent to Tesla a right-hand-drive model would be financially unviable for such a small market.

Tesla representatives say the Cybertruck is due to visit other Tesla showrooms – and other iconic Australian locations – before a tour of New Zealand.

Industry analysts say Tesla could be testing customer reaction to the vehicle and reconsidering a right-hand-drive program – or simply using the Cybertruck to drum-up some interest in the other models in its showrooms.

Tesla Australia slashed prices of the Model 3 sedan and Model Y SUV by between $1000 and $8500 earlier this month.

The Tesla Model Y is currently the cheapest it has ever been locally, now starting from $60,900 before on road costs (about $66,000 drive-away in NSW), and the Tesla Model 3 now starts from $58,900 (about $64,000 drive-away in NSW).

Tesla Cybertruck fast facts:

  • Tesla Cybertruck Rear-Wheel-Drive
  • Price: $US60,990
  • Range: 400km
  • 0 to 100kmh: 6.7 seconds (estimated)
  • Tesla Cybertruck All-Wheel-Drive
  • Price: $US79,990
  • Range: 547km
  • 0 to 100kmh: 4.3 seconds (estimated)
  • Tesla Cyberbeast
  • Price: $US99,990
  • Range: 515km
  • 0 to 100kmh: 2.7 seconds (estimated)