Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that get your attention, other times is the great price some gadgets can be obtained for. Tactslider combines both to really get your attention if you’re a fan of on-screen thumb controlled gaming.

Tactslider - a Joystick for your Touchscreen

Tactslider – a Joystick for your Touchscreen

Think about games like FIFA or first person shooters, your left thumb controls the player the movement, your right is for kicking or actions like shooting. You are dragging your thumb all over the on screen “joystick” in an effort to win the game. There’s nothing wrong with that, but what if you could take away the friction and make it more like the “stick” on a games console controller.

EFTM was one of the first to see Tactslider at an event in Las Vegas as part of the Consumer Electronics Show – and it’s impressive.

When asked what it would cost, the team behind Tactslider were keen to ask people checking it out what they thought it would be worth. Normally when asked these questions I like many like to pick a low and very reasonable price. I said $15. Another respondent said $10-$15. Pretty spot on, in fact $9.99 in the USA.
The Tactslider device

The Tactslider device

It’s a very simple solution to a problem you may not know you have. The device is about the size of a 10c piece, perhaps a little larger. One side is flat and has a small level of adhesive on it, enough to “stick” to the screen of your tablet. Inside the clear plastic unit is a small metal piece surrounded by a spring. On the front-facing side a disc which you move around with your thumb.

Honestly, until you play it you won’t get how much this is going to change the way you play games like this. Here’s a video showing the product in action – take a look for yourself, then stay tuned to find out just where they might be stocked soon.

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