The Jetsons deceived us.  There are no robots scooting around clearing up after us or offering us dinner.  We’ve got robot vacuums but that’s about as good as it gets.  So, if they won’t cook dinner perhaps they could just entertain us?

MiP your fun robot toy

MiP your fun robot toy

I liken this product to the Parrot AR.Drone.  An amazing piece of technology that in reality serves no purpose other than to be a toy.  You can fly it around and play games, but you’re not really going to use it to film breaking news for a TV network.

Here at CES there’s a little robot called MiP which at first sight looks like it’s doing loads of amazing things – and it is, but as an owner it’s all about fun and games.

MiP can follow gestures to allow interaction such as having it follow a path you point out, challenge you to keep it within a virtual “cage” and even hold a tray which you can stack objects on and challenge it to maintain an upright position, all on just two wheels.

You interact with MiP by waving hand gestures and or by turning it’s wheel into different modes.

Coming in the next few months, MiP is available for pre-order now online for USA and Canada residents, if we’re lucky an Aussie distributor will see MiP at CES and get it into retail stores in Australia.