TCL demonstrates Holographic displays at CES 2014

TCL is a big name brand that’s not well known in Australia let alone around the world, but when a TV company talks about holographic images we all take notice.

TCL's booth at CES 2014 in the final stages of construction just 36 hours before the show opens

TCL’s booth at CES 2014 in the final stages of construction just 36 hours before the show opens

With a growing presence in the USA and Australia TCL is pushing for a growing market share in the TV space with a quality 4K offering already in the market as well as a range of other TV’s CES 2014 is genuinely important for TCL and its product announcements.  The holographic display though – put that in the concept category.

TCL 4K/UHD Curved Display

TCL 4K/UHD Curved Display

If you want to fight with the big boys you need products like the big boys.  So, as you would expect – TCL are showcasing a Curved Ultra-High Definition TV.  That makes at least four at my last count (Samsung, LG, Hisense, TCL).


Taking the display out of the screen - TCL zSpace

Taking the display out of the screen – TCL zSpace

Here’s the kicker, TCL have taken some cutting edge technology from zSpace and created a TV system which actually enabled the projection of 3D images outside the screen along with interaction with the holographic display.

The system consists of a screen, pen and 3D Glasses to bring images out of the screen.  Here on the show floor TCL is showing off the Hollywood Chinese Theatre on the screen in holographic 3D – We’ll let you know how it looks

And if size matters, TCL are fighting above their weight again.  Showcasing a 110inch Ultra HD TV which even features multi-picture sharing so in theory the whole family can watch their favourite shows.  I’m not sure how practical that is though!

11808285554_be07c5f6f4_bAnd finally, once again to ensure they are battling with the big boys, TCL has a 55inch OLED TV. That’s the sleeper product for the year I think, if TCL can offer a thin and beautiful looking 55inch OLED TV at an affordable price to bring it closer to reality rather than fantasy this could be the product of the year.


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