The $14,500 pair of Solid Gold headphones

Yep, it’s a bit over the top, but they’ve already sold some – $14,500 Solid Gold headphones from Swedish company Happy Plugs. EFTM had a look at CES in Las Vegas

Happy Plugs solid gold earphones

Happy Plugs solid gold earphones

Let’s not kid ourselves, pink headphones are a fashion accessory rather than a gadget for the most part, so when we start talking Solid Gold we’re talking serious jewellery not just sound quality.

Over in Old Town, Stockholm a Swedish goldsmith makes these headphones by hand at a price of $14,500 USD!

The Happy Plugs retail display and packaging

The Happy Plugs retail display and packaging

They are moulded into the shape of the Happy Plugs standard earbuds with 25 grams of gold per pair.

Showing them off in Vegas seems fitting with Rick and the boys from the Gold and Silver Pawn shop made famous on A&E’s Pawn Stars just up the road – I wonder what the boys would hand over for them?

If these are a bit pricey, keep an eye out for the fancy and fun display of Happy Plugs standard earbuds in the future.  Packaged to look like a musical note they sure will stand out in retail but there is no word yet on Australian availability.

Oh, and if you do want the Solid gold variety – they have a delivery time of 3-4 weeks so get online and order now:)

Web: Happy Plugs

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