Tap & Go from Samsung, not for payments – for wireless image transfer

The term Tap & Go is becoming the way we describe the NFC based payment systems from Visa and Mastercard, at CES in Las Vegas Samsung pushed hard the introduction of the term “tag & go” as the term for transferring photos from your camera to your smartphone.

Samsung introduces Tap&Go to cameras for wireless image transfer

Samsung introduces Tap&Go to cameras for wireless image transfer

We’re not taking anywhere near as many photos with actual cameras than we probably should be.  Our smartphones are our cameras for day-to-day use and even on holidays.  When you switch back and take some snaps with a dedicated camera you realise just what you’re getting in terms of picture quality.

Samsung NX30

Samsung NX30

This brand new ‘Tag & Go’ technology will allow the camera to “connect to smartphones by simply touching the two devices together”.

Once the two devices are paired, you’ve got several options, including “Photo Beam” which transfers images being viewed on the camera to the paired smartphone, or AutoShare which backs up your images as they are taken using the online connection in your phone.

Samsung WB350F

Samsung WB350F

To top it off, you can use your phone to control the camera as a remote viewfinder which is perfect for Selfies or group shots.

Tag & Go will be available in Australia on at least the NX30 &  WB350F but dates have not yet been announced.

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