Why drink Canned beer? Australian Brewery explains!

For many, there’s nothing better than a cold tasty beer – have you ever wondered why beer in a can tastes a bit better than beer from a glass bottle?  Our mates at the Australian Brewery have a simple explanation

Australian Brewery - Cans

Australian Brewery – Cans

When we received a six-pack of cans it seemed to us that it’s just not as common to find canned beer today as it once was – perhaps that’s about the cost of production? Because as far as the guru’s at the Australian Brewery can explain there is one good reason to go for a can – Quality.

Published on their own website, the team reckon there is no better way of getting the quality beer to customers than in a can – because there are three key things which work hard to kill the flavour of beer – Light, Oxygen and Heat.

The UV light which gets into the bottled beer can break down the delicate aromas and flavours in beer, something that just doesn’t happen in a can.

Australian Brewery Canned Beer

Australian Brewery Canned Beer

It’s not something the drinker would consider, but it’s apparently easier to fill cans than bottles while keeping the oxygen levels low.

While the metal can might seem to be a bigger problem when it comes to heat, if you look for cans with plastic coating (such as the Australian Brewery) they transmit heat at the same rate as glass bottles.

All that, plus some environmental benefits to production, transport and recycling of cans.

If you’re interested to know more – the Australian Brewery is located in North-Western Sydney, and the property is also home to the company’s own branded hotel, The Australian Brewery Grill.



  1. brenton

    June 24, 2014 at 9:23 am

    I suspect the real reason the Australian Brewery are saying that beer tastes better in a can is because it is cheaper for them to produce and distribute cans rather than bottles of beer. If you are going down to the bottle-o to buy a carton of beer and the cans are the same price as the bottles, no one in their right mind would purchase the cans. Simply have a drink of beer from a can, then try a sip from a bottle, and immediately you will realize that beer in a can is rubbish.

  2. Steve

    February 10, 2015 at 10:46 am

    Hey Brenton, if you really appreciate the taste of beer you wouldn’t drink from can or a bottle in the first place.
    I tried this beer in a glass on the weekend and it was great.

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