This Sunday (in Australia) we’ll finally get to witness two of the world’s best fighters come head to head in the octagon. Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov. This fight has been hanging over our heads for a very long time and it is said to be so close that most UFC experts cannot predict an outcome.

For many, a trip to the pub will be the easiest way to catch the fight, expect to battle some crowds of your own though while waiting in long lines for beer and even longer waits for meal. The fights of UFC 229 kick off at 1pm AEST so lunch prior is a good idea!

For those who want to avoid the pub, gathering at home with some mates is a great option. It is important to know though, you don’t have to have Foxtel to view the fight legally. Let’s go through the options, the first and obvious being…


If you have a Foxtel subscription then you can order UFC229 via MainEvent so that it’s all set for Sunday at 1pm. The cost is $54.95.

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PlayStation or XBOX

Yes! If you own a gaming console then you can legally stream UFC229. PlayStation owners just need to jump into the PlayStation Video Store, search for UFC 229 and you’ll be able to lay down the $54.95 and be ready to roll at 1pm. The best bit here is doing it without a Foxtel subscription, you’re just paying for what you’re all wanting to see. Also, if you don’t own a PlayStation, you can access the store via an app on Android and iOS too.

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For those with an XBOX you can download the UFC app from the store and the process follows the below…

The UFC App

This app is available on everything except GameBoy. The list is really impressive. XBOX, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV and the Apple TV can all access the app, not to mention any smartphone, tablet or computer.

There is a caveat though!! The HD version purchased via the app will cost you $71.49 or the SD version for $60.49. So if you have Foxtel or a PlayStation you’re actually getting the HD version for less money.

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The five round fight will go down in history as one of the greats, it’s also rumoured that Khabib will retire if he wins this match leaving him undefeated in 27 bouts. You won’t want to miss the action from 1pm on Sunday.