The innovators at the world-famous Wild Turkey Bourbon factory in Kentucky have released Wild Turkey Spiced. Essentially their Kentucky Spiced Bourbon has been enhanced with a combination of natural spices. Flavors of vanilla and caramel, with hints of clover & cinnamon literally spice up the already satisfactory 86 proof spirit. EFTM Gives it a try

 Wild Turkey Spiced

Wild Turkey Spiced

It’s not the first time Wild Turkey has played around with a good thing. 40 years ago Wild Turkey introduced the original honey flavored bourbon, known today as American Honey.

Personally I’m not sure the new taste will satisfy Bourbon enthusiasts (of which I’m not), particularly when sipped straight. But mixed with a quality cola it would make a novel and refreshingly different experience. The best way I can describe the taste is something similar to Dr Pepper. So it’s a matter of love or hate it.

Like with all Wild Turkey Bourbons, Spiced originates from the same natural aging process using American oak barrels with the deepest number 4 or “alligator” char that is used to age every Wild Turkey Bourbon variant. A process I’m very familiar with due to my love of “How Stuff Works” documentaries.

The Wild Turkey Bourbon portfolio is quite extensive including Wild Turkey Bourbon 86.8 and 101, Wild Turkey Rye, Rare Breed, Kentucky Spirit, American Honey and Russell’s Reserve.

Wild Turkey Spiced is available across the country with a recommended retail price of $49,99.

EFTM received a complimentary bottle of Wild Turkey Spiced from which Chris sampled to create the above review…. the remainder has been locked away from Trevor Long.