This week is a big week for streaming in Australia, and for Sports broadcasting in Australia with the Nine Network’s Stan kicking off their first ever Live sports coverage as the Rugby season gets underway. But for many the burning questions are What is Stan Sport? and then working out How to watch the Rugby on Stan.

Let’s address both those issues so you’re good to go for your first broadcast of the Super Rugby AU this weekend.

What is Stan Sport?

Stan Sport is a new addition to Aussie streaming service Stan. While until now Stan has offered episodic TV shows, TV specials, Documentaries, Kids Shows and Movies, they have recently purchased the subscription TV rights to Rugby and some Tennis.

Their Sports broadcasting service kicks off with the Super Rugby series on Friday February 19.

Stan Sport is an additional service available to Stan Subscribers. Stan Sport will cost $10 per month on top of whatever existing plan you have. Stan plans range from $10 to $19 per month depending on the quality and number of streams you want to watch at the same time.

How do I watch the Rugby on Stan?

To watch Stan Sport, you have to have a Stan Account.

Do not think that you can just sign up to Stan Sport. You must get a standard Stan account first, then click or select the Stan Sport Tab where you can activate your Stan Sport add-on.

You have to Sign up for Stan Sport

One you have you Stan Account, login to Stan on your computer, tablet, phone, or any device with Stan installed.

Then select the SPORT tab on the top of the screen.

Here you will be directed to activate, or pre-activate your 30 day free trial of Stan Sport. If the trail has expired, you’ll commence your Stan Sport subscription at that time.

Once that’s done, anything Live will be available to watch!

I can’t sign up for Stan Sport

You should be able to activate Stan Sport on your existing Stan app. However, if you get an error, try confirming you have an active Stan Subscription – try watch an episode of Your Honor, that should do the trick.

If that’s ok, check what device you are on, and perhaps try another. It’s possible on some devices, perhaps on Apple TV that the on-app activation won’t work.

So sign into Stan on your phone or computer web browser and activate there.

Login to Stan on any compatible device.

Of course, you have to be logged in to get access to Stan Sport, so before the big game, make sure you’ve setup the app on your Smart TV or Tablet device and it’s logged in ready to go.

On which devices can I watch Stan Sport?

In terms of streaming sport, Stan already has by far the best app availability in Australia. You’ll find the Stan app on Smart TVs from LG, Samsung, Sony, Hisense and TCL TVs.

For any TV running Android the App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, as it can be on the new Chromecast with Google TV.

You can also get Stan as an app on any Xbox Series X, Series S or Xbox One as well as the PS4 and PS5.

Telstra TV users will find the Stan App available, as will those with a Fetch box.

Apple TV (the new generation with the black remote) has the Stan App, and of course, on any computer you can use the website, or any Tablet or Smartphone download the Stan app from the App Store or Google Play Store, when using those devices, you can also stream to your big TV using a Chromecast.

Make sure your Stan app is up to date.

Before Friday, make sure you check your app is up to date. On your smart mobile device check this in the app store, on your TV check for Software updates and app updates.

Make sure your internet/WiFi is strong at the TV

One thing that could cause issues for some people when they first use Stan is the quality of your internet connection. Now this is pure speculation on my behalf, but a streaming service pushing you an on demand program will have the chance to do what we call “Adaptive streaming” – meaning they can send you the first few minutes in a low quality, enough to get you far enough ahead in the buffering of the show before they increase the quality.

With Live sport, buffering is harder. The delay can be built, but only by a few seconds, so if your internet is poor, and normally that’s your WiFi that’s poor to the TV rather than the speed of your actual Internet – then you may experience some stopping and starting.

Is there a delay on the Live Rugby on Stan Sport?

For all intents and purposes the Rugby is 100% live on Stan Sport. However, because of the way streaming works (the pictures are encoded into a digital signal, sent out over the internet to you and decoded at your end) there is a delay in the actual picture. This could be as little as a few seconds, or as much as 30 seconds.

Factors such as your internet speed will play a role in determining your delay.

For this reason, you should be mindful of that when using Social Media while watching live sport.

Will Stan Sport be HD?

Here’s the best news of all. No matter which subscription tier you have for Stan in general – all of Stan Sport will be broadcast in HD.

That means if you want to watch the Super Rugby AU in HD, all you need is $20 a month – $10 for the basic Stan pack, and $10 extra for the Stan Sport add-on.

Why isn’t the Rugby on Foxtel or Kayo?

Well that’s really simple. Business. Sports rights are a hot property, and ever since Subscription TV hit Australia with Galaxy, Austar, Foxtel etc, the war has been battling on.

Similar to when Optus bought the rights to the English Premier League and then the World Cup, this new deal with Stan and Nine means Foxtel don’t have any rights to the Rugby.

Seems to us, it won’t be the last time either.

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