Armani fragrances – classic scents with an Armarni look

The problem with blokes is – we don’t really care too much about how we look or put much effort into going out, whether that’s to dinner or a show, plenty of blokes will just spray some Rexona and be done with it.

You may not have a Georgio Armani suit in the wardrobe, but perhaps you could consider a better approach to your fragrance.  Stop relying on your deodorant and splash on some perfume.  And yes, I checked, even Armani refer to it as a perfume.

The Armani Range of Fragrances

The Armani Range of Fragrances

The Acqua Di Gio is described as being an aquatic-woody-musk, you’ve got a citrus zest and “intense note” – but seriously, you don’t expect me to describe the scent do you?

This bottle has sold over 25 million units worldwide, making it the number one fragrance for men – so it’s likely you’ll recognise it if you actually take the time to stop and have a smell when you’re next in the fragrance isle.

This month Armani have added a couple of new items. Eau Pour Homme is a 30-year-old fragrance, which now comes in a new bottle.

Styled like a suit jacket, the bottle has sleek curves and a metallic base.

The new Eau De Nuit fragrance from Georgio Armarni

The new Eau De Nuit fragrance from Georgio Armarni

In a similar shaped bottle but a deep black colour the new Armani fragrance is Eau De Nuit.  Described by Georgio Armarni as a “new classic”.  This one has “the intensity of bergamot and pink pepper, softened with cardamom”  So once again – you’re going to want to get in and check it out for yourself.

Take this as a challenge, to get out and discover the world of fragrances.  They’re not just for the woman in your life, there’s a huge market for mens fragrances too, and these new ones from Armarni are well worth considering.

Both the Eau De Nuit and new-look Eau Pour Homme are in-stores this week and will set you back $115 for the 50ml bottle, and $145 for the 100ml.

The Number one fragrance for men worldwide - Armani ACQUA DI GIO

The Number one fragrance for men worldwide – Armani ACQUA DI GIO

Armarni Fragrances for men
Date Published: 05/15/2014
With a distinctive look, brand and a classic scent, Armarni fragrances are top of the pops when it comes to mens fragrances worldwide.
5 / 5 stars


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