When it comes to exercise focused wearables the name that always comes to mind is FitBit. We’ve tested plenty of step trackers, sport watches and the regular comment from people is “oh is that a new FitBit?”. They’ve done what PostIt did to sticky notes.


We’ve been testing two new products from FitBit, the Alta and the Blaze. Same brand but both are very different and will suit different people.

FitBit Alta

The FitBit Alta should really be your entry level fitness band. You’re buying the Alta because you want to get started on the wearables trend and start seeing some data around your daily activities. The Alta has no buttons and relies on taps and swipes across the screen to function.


For the most part it is fairly responsive, the screen is clear and the data on screen can save you from needing to reference the app. The Alta will log your steps, wake you up in the morning and looks good around the wrist. Sadly, it lacks a heart rate sensor however this means that battery life is better than you’d expect, easily achieving five days of wear. We do wish to see an Alta HR to replace the Charge range entirely.

FitBit Blaze

The FitBit Blaze is the best FitBit of all time. It is the most advanced FitBit and dips it’s toes into the pool of smart watches. The Blaze however will have a passer by asking if you just bought an Apple Watch – sad but true.


The Blaze works well as a digital watch, will notify you of calls and texts and can control your music. From a fitness perspective, it is more advanced than ever. From the Blaze itself you can trigger the logging of exercise – a wide range of exercises too.


If you’re circuit training, running, riding a bike, doing weights and more then just select it from the Blaze and hit go. If you are short of ideas on your workout for the day, the Blaze has exercises waiting on your wrist.


A quick and efficient 7 minute workout can be triggered and the Blaze will guide you and advise you along the way. It’s never been easier to have a personal trainer anywhere you go. Battery life is also around five days despite also logging your heart-rate on a continual basis.


The biggest issue with the Blaze is when you do need to charge. It’s almost amazing that it was designed this way however you essentially need to punch out the Blaze from the frame and band, then lay it and clamp it into the charger. This means you’re building and rebuilding your Blaze at each charge. It’s just weird compared to the Alta which has a neat clamp onto the device itself.


The FitBit line up is still improving every year and coming up with more ways and better ways to track what we do. They cater for the beginners all the way to advanced users. Knowing yourself and knowing what you actually need is the only things required, FitBit has one to cater where you are in your fitness journey. The Alta is a mighty fine entry level wearable and the Blaze is a great value fitness smartwatch. Beware of the imitations.